Japan 2014: Traveling to the Kansai Region (I)

Last December, I was finally given the chance to achieve one of my lifetime goals – to travel to Japan.

I wish I was exaggerating when I say ‘lifetime’, but it has truly been one of my greatest goals since I started to have a mind of my own. I remember being five years old and writing to my mom that I’ll visit her in Japan one day through my own parachute because a) I miss her, b) my five-year old self was filled with aspiration and determination. Of course, I learned that traveling from one country to another was not as easy as it seems as I grew up, but I could say that my determination never wavered. One day, I told myself. One day, I’ll visit the foreign land that I have always loved. One day, I’ll visit my mom.

I never expected that moment to happen in the last few weeks of 2014.

Drama aside, I spent my Christmas vacation in Japan by traveling to the Kansai region. Admittedly, I was quite skeptical at first when my mother told me that we’ll be spending most of the holidays at the south and not at the city, but after the experience, I was really glad Papa (my stepfather) decided to take us there.


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